The National WWII Museum Normandy Tour Mailing

About This Project

This is the first brochure of our rebranding project for The National WWII Museum Travel Program. We were given an itinerary and and asked to turn a 6-panel gatefold brochure into a 32-page slim jim mailing with the goals of: (1) portraying the Museum as the expert in WWII History and the only choice for battlefield tours, (2) attracting more female travelers, (3) representing the 4- and 5-star nature of the accommodations and cruise, and (4) providing enough information to accelerate the booking process. To achieve this we featured a “softer” image on the cover. In the past, the brochures were focused on archival battlefield imagery so we also introduced a mix of high-end destination photography as well as higher-quality archival images. We also added conceptual features introducing heroes and veterans that fought in the locations the guests would visit. By introducing value added, Museum owned content, the prospects were more engaged resulting in increased conversion.
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